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Thomas Bullock

Front End Developer

My Work

This website contains some web experiences I have created. Although I can and have used Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks with the jQuery library to create websites, I've come to prefer to using my own Gulp powered build system with the Bourbon & Neat Sass libraries and vanilla Javascript.

I am in the process of mastering React / Redux & Webpack.

See examples of all these techs below.

Web Apps

Napoleon Era Wiki

Napoleon Era Wiki Node App

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This Express js / Mongo DB powered web app serves as a simple respository of Napoleon Era information. HTML is served up via Pug templating.

My Footy Team web app

My first attempt at the MVC pattern in Javascript. This app allows a user to create their own Essendon footy squad with average team statistics generated as each player is added. A PNG of the squad can then be exported.

Web Sites website

Customized bootstrap website. Fully responsive and W3C compliant. I created the mosaic themed navbar and instagram logo in Adobe Illustrator. Also setup a server side PHP script to process contact form with reCaptcha spam prevention.

Bar Atlas website

My pet project. I'm currently developing this bar search engine with React js. Still under development.

About Me

My name is Thomas Bullock and I am an aspiring front-end developer. For the last 10 years I've been working with electronics in the manufacturing industry making and repairing various medical, military and financial devices. Some of the companies I've worked for include Cochlear Ltd, Micreo Ltd and Quest Payment Systems.

Throughout this period as an active musician I've been casually involved in various design activities such as websites, email templates, CD/Vinyl artwork and gig posters. Two years ago I discovered Team Treehouse and for the first time 'lifted the hood' on websites and began to learn how they worked. Within a year my ever expanding desire to learn more led me to quit my job and pursue my studies full time.

This website features a selection of my web creations from the last 12 months. To see more check my Github.